activities at ashram

The Society is primarily devoted to the spread of meditational and healing techniques, organizing spiritual discourses and satsang, publication of spiritual books/ articles and spreading the thoughts of Baba Sant Maluk Das of Kada, Kaushambi and Swami Yogiraj Nanak Chand ji. The aim is to guide people to lead a conflict-free, balanced and holistic life promoting the highest human values. The organization aims at enabling people to develop an integrated personality and psycho-physical poise through a quiet and relaxed mind. The Society tries to help people to gain control over their life by soothing troubled nerves, improving their physical and mental health through various yogic techniques of meditation (dhyan sadhna) even while engaged in their worldly duties. The organization promotes setting up of spiritual centres where the practice of Dhyan Yog (meditation) is taught for attaining self-enlightenment. Social welfare and charitable activities of the Society include educational, medical & financial assistance to poor and needy persons/ children.

At Dhyan Yog Ashram, New Delhi we spread the values emulated by Baba Maluk Das and Swami Yogiraj Nanak Chand who both led a selfless and simple life preaching kindness, love, brotherhood, oneness of all living beings and conquest of the inner enemies like lust, anger, greed, attachments, selfishness which lead to unhappiness, self-destruction and strife. The aim is to help people to live a healthy, creative and fulfilling life in harmony with their fellow beings and nature.  Conduct of regular yog and sadhna practice and special meditation classes and camps continues at the Dhyan Yog ashram, New Delhi and other venues by the disciples.