dehypnotic meditation

Swami Yogiraj Nanak was the originator and initiator of the concept of ‘Asammohan dhyan’ a term coined by him to distinguish it from all other types of mystic meditations. His emphasis at all times is to be realistic and not under the spell of any type of hallucination or attachment. The doctrine of dehypnotic meditation, talks about becoming free from the hypnosis of past memories and preconceived notions (imbibed from culture and upbringing) and dreams of the future, both of which preclude our awareness of the present. Dhyan is designed to break the shackles of memory and free the mind from mental or emotional bondage to any external objects or persons and own sub-conscious desires. It breaks the spell of borrowed thoughts, ideas and emotions and enables us to start living by the light of our inner wisdom. This practice illuminates constructive and positive ways to neutralize the destructive forces of ignorance and violence, without our adopting the same destructive path that negates humanity and God. The objective of dehypnotic meditation enjoined by Yogiraj is to help evolve a person whose heart is compassionate, intellect clear, body healthy and mind perceptive and empathic.